Web 2.0 – Are YOU Ready? In Fact Have You Started?

January 25, 2008


 Watch this video and then read this post – This is one of the ‘must see’ videos for 2008.  It really will open your eyes!

Most of us are already gearing up to take the concept of Web 2.0 into our marketing efforts.  I have this blog (Web 2.0) and am taking social marketing by the horns and making it 95% of my marketing business.

Perhaps I am cheating a little as Squidoo and blogging makes up a lot of my income or was it that I saw that Web 2.0 was here to stay?  Either way, this is about YOU and what YOU are going to do now that Web 2.0 is here to stay?

What Is This Web 2.0 Anyway?

The term was first used a few years ago and was coined by O’Reilly at a brainstorming conference.  Since then the term has been thrown around all over the place with people claiming to be the first ‘truly’ Web 2.0 marketers and others just ignoring the term as a marketing buzzword.

No matter what you did think of it, it’s now firmly set in place and well underway. 

The internet changes constantly and Web 2.0 is just another phase.  Yes, you might wonder what came before it – was it Web 1.0?  Who knows ….. What I do know is this – Anyone who insists on ignoring it will soon be left behind!

Web 2.0 is already here and something that you need to seriously start thinking about for your own marketing.  Where websites were static and full of content and ad’s in their place are now user orientated blogs …  People are loving this interaction that they now have and feel that blogs are much more personal that a plain old website.

Where marketers used to be worried about their domain names it’s now all about getting the blog ready for the search engines.  The search engines are loving Web 2.0 – it easily lets them know that a site is doing well and content that a blog has (made by users) shows them that people are interested in what the blog has to say.

Social sites like facebook, bebo and myspace are all the rage.  The users there are no longer school kids chatting with each other.  They are now being populated by the exact people that you should be targeting.  People who are familiar with the internet, people who love to shop online, find information and generally ‘use’ the internet on a daily basis.

Why would you want to miss out on this?

I’m guessing that you don’t.  Most of my readers are part of my Squidoo Queen membership so understand the importance of Web 2.0.  Squidoo is very much a Web 2.0 application and here to stay.  So much so, it’s even come out the other side of a Google slap!

One of the products that I have almost finished is aimed directly at people who are ready to grab social marketing by the horns and really work it.  Some of these social sites are wide open for the taking – IF YOU DO IT RIGHT!

Some of them are up and coming and getting in fast is key to becoming an authority within your niche.  Marketing within these sites is often overlooked and put on a ‘to do’ list, in reality this just means that the marketer doesn’t understand them or feels that it’s just too much work to bother with.

Personally, if I can get sales and build up a great community of loyal readers, (note I didn’t say mailing list?) then I know that I will be growing my business and there is no way that I am going to miss out just because I don’t know how to do it.

Blogging is MASSIVE and niche marketers are reaping the rewards of taking action.  Squidoo is huge and also bringing in a large income for savvy marketers that take the time to learn how to use it correctly.

There is a downside though.

Spamming is rife in these communities and if you get it wrong you will be pushed out by either the very people you were hoping to gain as readers or the platform itself.  There are no warnings or second chances, abuse it and you are gone.

This is why it is so critical to get it right.  Taking a chance and having a go at it is not the attitude to have.  Web 2.0 is all about answering to people and what they want, it’s democracy at it’s best!

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    Again another beautiful peace of work as you always know how to deliver. Let all take advantage of this new Era:Web 2.0.
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