Should You Use Ready Made Niche Blogs?

August 28, 2011


niche blogsBefore we go any further let me just make sure that everyone is aware that I am talking about PLR niche blogs, ready made niche blogs etc and NOT autoblogs.  IMO, autoblogs are worthless and tend to clutter the internet and seem to always be thrown together by people who don’t really want to put the effort into building their own blogs, reputation and income!

Now that we’ve got that out the way  🙂  …..

Ready made niche blogs is a fantastic way of getting yourself a nice looking blog without having to worry about the ‘design’ aspect of it.  Yes, there will be other people out there using the ‘exact’ same design of blog as you but YOU will be working on your blog to make it stand out – with good quality UNIQUE content!

At the end of the day, the design aspect of niche blogging can really take a hold of people.  The stress of getting the header just right, getting the blog set up in the first place and then getting the ‘look and feel’ just right can all play a big part in keeping you from doing the really important parts – the content.

Niche blogs can take all the stress away and get you started the easy way.  Recently I promoted the offer of 10 PLR Niche Blogs (opens in new window) and have to say that they really are an excellent investment for anyone who is struggling to get going.

This offer came with PLR articles to go with the niche blog – these should probably only be used for ideas when you are writing your own content.  Using these articles is going to make your site identical to (potentially) hundreds of other blogs.  This is the downside of PLR – lazy people!  People are just too tempted to use PLR as it comes without making any changes at all and then you start to run into problems.

Other PLR Niche Blog Offers:

Niche PLR Blogs Pack

PLR Niche Blogs Ready To Earn

Niche Blogging Pack

So now that we’ve solved the problem of getting started, you might find that you run into another problem with the content.  Writing that very first article (then the second, third and fourth too) can be a struggle, each word and sentence becomes hard work.

Each time you get a line of text out there, you feel that it could be writen better, differently and somehow with more authority!  It takes time for it to come naturally but it shouldn’t stop you from getting the content out there – after all, if you do nothing, your results are never going to change.

Using PLR (quality PLR) is a good way of getting content out there – BUT ONLY IF YOU USE IT AS A GUIDE FOR YOUR OWN WRITING and not as is.

There are two places that I go to for my own PLR:

Tiffany Dow’s PLR MiniMart

Nicole Dean’s Easy PLR

I can personally say that both of these sites offer you excellent value for your money.

In my Getting Started Survival Course —> I show you how you can get started online using niche blogs so if you are not already signed up do it today.

Good luck!

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10 Responses to “Should You Use Ready Made Niche Blogs?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hi Kelly

    I really do think that this is a fantastic way of getting started like you say. I know that when I first started out online it took me a good six months to do anything. Everything that I did do was stressed over and deleted and that got me nowhere fast!

    Going down this route would have at least got me started.

    Take care


    • Kelly Says:

      It’s always easy to get sucked into that cycle!

      The best thing to do is to just go for it and learn along the way.

      Good luck 🙂

  2. Johns1141 Says:

    I have already gone down this road and now have about twelve blogs that bring in a few dollars per week. I guess I could give more time to them and increase that income but I find CPA gives me a much better return.


    • Kelly Says:

      As much as I think this way is an easier way of getting started, there is always the problem of having too many sites and then looking after them becomes too much. It’s got to be better to have two or three really great sites than twelve sites that ‘get by’.

  3. JayzHomeRemovals Says:

    think that I’m gonna give the plr a look.

    getting the content right is what I reallt struggle with.

    thanks for the advise

  4. Lou James Says:

    Great advise about the plr Kelly, I think that is something that I’ll look into. Even when I do get my blogs up and running, I soon run out of ideas for the content!

    • Kelly Says:

      I think that you’ll find it a real help – it’s a fantastic way to get ideas. Let me know how you get on.

      Take care 🙂

  5. Rodney Says:

    I think that I might be missing something here. First you say not to use plr then you say to use it? Anyone else find that odd?

    • Kelly Says:

      I actually said that using PLR that comes with some PLR niche sites is a bad idea. There are going to be lots of sites that are then identical to each other – my suggestion was to use QUALITY plr to get good content ideas and help.