Monetizing Your Blog – Was I Wrong?

December 19, 2007


It seems that after I said that this blog wouldn’t be monetized for another six months or so, I caused quite a stir !  I got an email from a rather well known blogger (who has asked to stay anonymous 🙁 ) saying that I was being true to a cause that didn’t exist anymore.

After a bit of backwards and forwards of emails I agreed that I would trial it and if I found that visitors dropped off then I would be allowed to post his name and tell the world that he was wrong!

You may notice two new items being added over the next few days.  Some Google adsense and a widgetad.  We’ll see how they work and I’ll attempt to post every few days or so with the income (if any generated). 

I know this is kind of sick, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t work so that I can name and shame!  We’ll test it for two weeks and see how we go.  This blog is turning into a living case study all by itself 🙂

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3 Responses to “Monetizing Your Blog – Was I Wrong?”

  1. John R. Cumbow Says:

    Hey, I like the ‘living case study’ concept for this blog. Show us what works and what doesn’t.

    Don’t know about your other visitors, but I would like to learn how to monetize my own blogs as well.

    Keep us posted on your progress. And keep up the blog tutorial. I’m learning (and RE-learning) something new every time. Thanks!

    John R. Cumbow
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  2. Mike Figliuolo Says:

    So as a relative neophyte, I’m wondering why the purism on no advertising. I mean, there’s a balance, right? As long as the ads aren’t overwhelming and are tasteful, I don’t see a huge issue. I mean – if it’s nothing but a billboard, I understand. But if the ads are contextually relevant, isn’t that a resource for your readers? I’m interested in perspectives here…

  3. Rick Answer Analyst Says:

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