How To Comment On Blogs The Right Way

February 2, 2009


I’m going to have a rant today!

This morning is gloomy Britain it’s snowing and cold and I think the cold has put me in a bad mood.  I arrived at my office in one piece only to find that this blog has had more than 700 comments over the weekend.  It’s taken me more than an hour to go through them all and sort out the spam from the genuine comments.  Genuine comments = 43!

Now I do have akismet installed which is very good at catching the majority of spam.  It’s the rise in spam comments that is concerning me, it’s been going up this year day after day at quite an alarming rate.  The part that has really put my back up is the fact that lots of these comments were not what I would call ‘bad spam’ the links to adult sites, pills etc.  They were comments left by other bloggers like this …..

“I don’t agree so I’ll do more research”


“Good post”

etc etc

I’m all for people commenting, I actively encourage it and certainly don’t want anyone to stop posting on my blog I’m venting and want to make it clear that all posts that arrive on this blog are ALL read by me before they go live.  After today I’m going to give some thought to a post John Chow made about stopping blog spam with this plugin.

For those of you who are just starting out online (and even those who have been around a bit)  it’s considered spam at worst and unhelpful at best when posts like these are made.  They add nothing to the original post for other readers so therefore don’t help.

I for one actively encourage people to post on my blog and in an attempt to take it a step further (rewarding commenter) I have the comment love plugin and will also remove the ‘nofollow’ link for people who take the time to add value to the post.

In Closing

My rant is over and just as I am finishing this post I DO actually feel much better, sharing clearly does work 🙂

Please do not misunderstand this post, I do not want to put anyone off posting here, far from it.  Anyone reading this who has posted on my blog – your comments wouldn’t have been published if I felt that they were spam – so keep posting.  I am strict on the comments that I let through and even regular readers that comment all the time have had comments deleted when I have felt that it didn’t fit the post.

Think before you next post a comment on anyone’s blog – offer your opinion, advice or thoughts, just make sure that it fits with the original post.


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10 Responses to “How To Comment On Blogs The Right Way”

  1. Dean Saliba Says:

    I actually came here because my WordPress Dashboard said my blog had been linked from this post, which was weird.

    Regarding spam comments. Due to the type of comments that you mentioned in the post I have had to not only install Askimet but also insist on approving every comment and a lot of them don’t get published.

    I am still new at this blogging malarky but I think the majority of people who leave those kind of comments are simply looking to gain backlinks rather than taking part in a discussion.

    Regarding venting. I had a great idea on how to get out the agression, I went around in the evening and decapitated the head off every snowman I could find. Made me feel a lot better and I did not hurt anyone. 😛

    Dean Salibas last blog post..Why Do You Hate Pop-up Advertising?

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hi Dean – thanks for your comment.

    The reason your blog said that this blog was linking to you is because of the ‘comment love’ plugin that you see at the end of your comments. I think that it just redirects you sometimes to the latest blog post. If you are a regular commenter (as you are) and you don’t post spammy comments I like to reward people by removing the ‘nofollow’ attribute.

    I certainly understand that people are looking for backlinks (another reason for removing the ‘nofollow’) and I don’t have a problem with that. I myself have taken part in commenting on popular blogs in order to get traffic. I will say that my aim was to get traffic from the actual comment rather than a backlink, but my point is, I don’t mind people doing that so long as they are adding value to the original post.

    Thanks again for your comments.


  3. Rick Answer Analyst Review Says:

    I want to thank you for letting us comment. I am an avid commenter on several different blogs. My rules for my comments are to try to add something to the conversation.

    I have just started my own blog and the main way I am getting more information and developing thoughts for my own blog is through commenting.

    I started by learning about the different opinions people have on Dofollow vs Nofollow. I personally am an avid dofollow guy. My Akismet has picked up most of the spam comments and doesn’t seem to let comments that are not at least a couple of sentences through. I was searching through looking for comments that should have gotten through. I have corrected akismet a few times but it has been really good.


    Rick Answer Analyst Reviews last blog post..Answer Analyst Video Review

  4. Pat Says:

    I discovered recently that since I put the map I found at on my site, I have a lot less spam. I chose the map because I thought it looked cool for my travel theme. My suspicion is that people suspect they can be traced when see the map and that it acts as a deterrent to writing spam. Shhh…..don’t tell anybody, I’m almost afraid to mention it for fear it will stop working.

    Pats last blog post..Tortuguero

  5. Bad Azz Network Marketer Says:

    I don’t neccesarilly think that some of those commentors who leave those kinds of comments always think they are trying to get away with it.

    I know that sometimes they just don’t know any better.

    I used to be the same when I got stated in this business some years back and I always usd to wonder why I wasn’t getting the results I thought I deserved.

    It wasn’t just commenting on blogs, it was also in forums, facebook, myspace, any web 2.0 socializing place.

    Truth is, I didn’t know HOW to socialize with people that well in the real world BEFORE I got involved in network marketing, and ironically, the way I acted online was a DIRECT reflection of the way I acted OFFLINE in face 2 face human interaction.

    So, in my efforts to figure out why I wasn’t getting results, I went out (and still DO) to local malls and chatted up random people ADDING value to conversations even if they weren’t there to begin with. And I learned how to be a welcomed edition to anyone’s lives (well, at least most).

    Consequently, my behaviour changed online, and as a result I started actually seeing alot more traffic, sales, and money flow my way.

    — Joe “The Bad Azz” Benjamin

    Bad Azz Network Marketers last blog post..Aston Martin Rapide : Bad Ass Car Series #1

  6. Rick Says:

    Spam of all sorts is ugly. I delete any comment that doesn’t have at least two sentences. It is amazing how much spam my akismet collects. Real comments that are part of the conversation will always get through.

  7. Joey Logano Says:

    I am going to take the opposite point of view on the high # of comments, I would say that the more spam you are getting, the more success you are getting 🙂

    But… I do agree that the comments that just say “thanks” or something like that need to be deleted.

  8. Katherine Says:

    I feel you! I just logged into one of my blogs – one that I am still building and fortifying with content and traffic. I was horrified. I have around 2500 comments to go through, all but a small handful of which are junk. I know, I need akismet, but still, that’s ridiculous. Some of the comments are either ridiculous and make no sense, or they are so generic they are meaningless.

    Katherines last blog post..Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Money With Writing

  9. Jae Burnham Says:

    Comment on blogs and forums has always been a touchy subject. The right way, which I have learn the hard way, is to offer further information (for free) that either helps illuminate or explain the subject written about.

    Comment that just “hi” or “good job” are rarely of any use. I have also found that if you take a contrarian view of the post or subject matter that resulting controversy not only helps the original poster by helps the commenter as well.

    So the idea of commenting on blogs or forums is either to further explain or enlighten or debate the subject at hand.

    Just my take on things.


    Jae Burnhams last blog post..Why The Yellowpages Are Useless

  10. theinnocentone Says:

    its a nice feeling when someone post a comment on your blog because in that way we will be able to know the reactions of the people who reads your blog in order for us to make our blog much much more better…the saddest part is when someone just post a comment just to have a link….really weird!
    .-= theinnocentone´s last blog ..Kaanapali Beach (Hawaii) =-.