Do People Really Make Money Blogging?

December 17, 2007


This is often one of the first questions that I am asked about blogging.  People see blogs online all the time (sometimes without even realising that they are blogs) and it’s almost rammed down their throats that this blog is making money.

I’ll let you into a little secret. 

Most blogs are long forgotten and don’t make the author much money at all.  Unlike a website, a blog needs to be tended to on a regular basis.  If you don’t think you can keep it up with a weekly post or two – don’t start one.  It’s a waste of your time and effort and will just clog up the internet with even more forgotten rubbish.

The most common blogs seem to be about internet marketing and how you can make money by blogging etc ( a little like this one 😉 ) and people think that they can create the next big blog that will bring them in hundreds of visitors and make them a killing.  The chance of getting your blog on blogging up and making money is hard going.

Blogs are a great thing and they DO make money when someone puts in the time and effort they need.  I’m not saying that you need to post on your blog three or four times a day or even every day, but they do need to be kept updated.  It’s almost as important to realise that blogs away from blogging and internet marketing are normally the most profitable.

The Secret To Making Money With Your Blog


It really is that simple.  You are the only person that can create a great blog that can be turned into an income.  You are the only reason to your blog being a success or a failure.

If you are prepared to put in the research when creating a blog you will probably succeed, if however you are thinking about just copying a blog that is well done and established and hoping to become a winner then you could be in for a sharp fall.

Blogging for profit is achievable if you spend some time and effort in the beginning and research your niche properly.  This is the backbone for your blog and what will show in your success.

Simply throwing together a blog and hoping for the best is certainly not going to get you anywhere. 

You need to come up with a market that is already in demand.  Something that is being searched for and is HOT.  People will often shy away from a market because lots of other people are promoting it – they feel that it’s already saturated and too hard to break into.  There is a reason why so many people are going after the same thing – it’s in demand.

This is the key to making money with your blog.  In demand markets will open the doors for some serious cash.  All you need to do is to drill down into that market and find your niche.  Then all you need to do is offer something more that the people that are already doing it.

This sounds harder than it actually is.

For example, within internet marketing, you are always told to stay away from it.  It’s just too hard to break into it.  It’s a HOT market and is highly searched for so how would you be able to compete with the big bloggers who already have this market as their own?  This blog that you are reading is a great example of competition in the early stages. 

You will notice on some of the older posts that they have Google adsense on them.  This blog is aimed at marketers and I know that some people will become offended by ad’s being displayed on the posts.

Some of you may not care less about them but in general marketers don’t like it and they can easily not come back if they think you are trying to cash in with them.  The older posts have it added as the marketers have already read them, the only people that are going to read them from now on are new marketers or people who find this blog in the search engines.

That is how this blog can make money, I already make around $60 per week from those few ad’s that are there.  There is also the review section in this blog.  This again can add an income stream to the blog.

Making money with blogs is not hard, it just takes time.  This blog wont really be profitable on it’s own for at least another six months.  This is a junior blog that will take time to grow and evolve into a profitable blog.

The main aim of this blog is not to make money.  It’s a platform for my members and readers to get good advice for free.  You will notice that my articles are not plastered with keywords or phrases.  The blog is written for readers and search engines is second.  The posts are meant to read well and I don’t want the problem of trying to get keywords in and make the posts make sense – you come first.

This is a prime example of a long term blog – a blog that isn’t made for profit but will eventually become one through evolution.

Blogs that are created to make money from the start need to be well researched and drilled down into a niche and have a higher keyword/phrase running through each post or article.  Blogs that are designed this way outside the internet marketing world will normally be profitable from the beginning if they are marketed the correct way.

You can literally dominate your niche with a blog if you get the keyword research done well at the beginning.  Google will love your blog if it’s done this way.  For a full in-depth guide to getting the keyword research done right grab your copy of Squidoo Queen.  Although it’s designed around Squidoo, the research techniques inside will be the same for blogging – it also gives you a great start in marketing and will give you a great income with little work and effort.

Keep checking back this week for more great blogging advice and tutorials. 🙂

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One Response to “Do People Really Make Money Blogging?”

  1. Jerry Waxman Says:

    Blogging is a lot like Squidoo and Bum Marketing. Forget about all the SEO technicalities and just run with your passion. The money will follow (hopefully not too far behind).