Deal Dot Com WordPress Plugin – Easy Money?

April 12, 2008


Most of you reading this post will have already purchased something within the internet marketing community. Ask yourself WHY you purchased it. What convinced YOU to part with your money? Was it the flashy graphics? The fantastic sales copy? The author? The product itself (you already new that you needed it)?

It was probably a combination of all of them.

Most importantly, apart from the last one (the product), it was more than likely that you felt that the product offered you great value and promised to give you a solution for a problem that you had.

I’m always teaching people to offer a solution to an existing problem – get it right and you will have people parting with their cash time and time again. The problems begin when you try to find those products. There are thousands of products on the internet that offer people the solution but the price tag can be a killer, especially for the ‘beginners’ out there, if they have not yet started to see an income then they are not going to be willing to invest large sums of money in their business.

Where can you find a solution to this?

Let me tell you a little about DealDotCom. It’s a site that has been designed to offer immense value to buyers. But does it really deliver on this product?

Deal Dot Com – The Overview

Each day DealDotCom brings an existing product to their site and promotes it. Just ONE product each day. They offer the product at a MUCH reduced rate that is only available to DealDotCom customers and affiliates. This means that if you are acting as an affiliate for DealDotCom, you are able to pass on these savings to your customers and take part of the profits for yourself. There is also an option to get paid on your referrals referrals (2 tier affiliate commissions).

Most importantly, you should remember that there are only a certain amount of copies that will be sold each day and then it will not be available (creating panic that buyers will miss out on a killer deal), meaning that you will be offering a killer deal and also taking a nice 35% commission from it too.

How Can Deal Dot Com Work For YOU?

You need to promote your affiliate link to DealDotCom in order for people to sign up and unless you have a mailing list you are going to need to bring it in front of people in another way. Personally, I have been running a DealDotCom WordPress Plugin on this blog and two other blogs that I have.

Although most of my blogs are not extremely high traffic blogs, they do get enough people through who are interested in the products that DealDotCom offer. It means that my dealdotcom affiliate account is looking very healthy.

As with anything that I recommend I want to know that it works and that you can easily replicate that success yourself. So for the last four months I have been seeing what kind of results I can get from the dealdotcom widget that you can see displayed on the right hand navigation bar on this blog. —–>

To date, I have around 97 people who have joined through my widget as 1st tier members. I also have around half that amount again under 2nd tier members so all in all, it’s been very successful, especially considering the fact that I have never mentioned it at all in my blog posts, emails etc.

More importantly than that I have earned around $400.00 in commissions. Not all the people who have joined have made a purchase, and a few have made more than one purchase. For a project that I have not promoted in anyway, apart from the widget sat on my blogs, this is a good income.

I’ve decided to let you all know about this experiment today because of two reasons. The first is that I am now happy that this can be capitalised on more and repeated by you with ease. The second is an email that I got from DealDotCom themselves letting me know about something special that will happen on Wednesday of next week. (16th April)

All I am going to say at the moment about it is that it’s called Deal Dot Com’s Traffic Kahuna and that it’s going to be BIG! I’ll be placing more about Traffic Kahuna over the coming days so that you don’t miss out on it – I am really excited about the opportunity that it will give, so stay tuned.

Back To YOU Profiting From DealDotCom

I want to make this as easy as I can for you.

Just sign up for an account at DealDotCom first and then grab yourself the deal dot com wordpress plugin to add to your own blog. I got mine from here and it works just fine, it’s also really simple to use and install.

I don’t recommend that you just install the dealdotcom plugin and leave it, I’m sure that you will get some sign up’s and sales, but with a little extra effort you could really see some great results.

Here’s what I recommend for you to get the most sales from dealdotcom.

Promote the widget by letting people know about it!

Sounds obvious when you think about it doesn’t it? It really is as simple as it sounds. A review like this one or one letting people know about the plugins available or even how to install the plugins all work really well.

Reviews of products work really well so long as you are not hyping the products up too much and turning your review into a sales page. These products will sell themselves as they are good products at a great price – remember that you can’t submit your product to be sold on DealDotCom unless you agree to let them sell it at a SIGNIFICANT discount. Each product is reviewed by a real person too so they have to make the grade – after all, why would DealDotCom want to start selling products that will not appeal to people, a bad product sold through them will bring their reputation down so it just wont happen.

Spend a little time thinking about the keywords that you want running through your article/review and make sure you get enough in to get organic search engine traffic (free traffic) but not too many that it makes to difficult to fluidly read.

I really want to encourage you to sign up and join just so that you don’t miss out on Traffic Kahuna when it goes live on Wednesday – It’s already getting a lot of attention and it’s certainly going to be something that you are interested in. I can’t wait 😀

Remember that there is a lot of good sides to DealDotCom and at the moment, the only bad thing that I can find is their lack of affiliate tools. They don’t make it simple to use or give you any tools to promote it, the widgets/plugins are all designed by other people, and the addition of just a few tools would really help their affiliates out.

My own personal view is that Deal Dot Com are going to continue to grow and only get better as time goes by. Make sure that you get in early and take a look at what offers they have, it’s the one place on the internet that you can bag yourself an amazing deal on some top quality products.

Deal Dot Com Website

Deal Dot Com WordPress Plugin

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