Changes & Focus = Better Blog For Readers

February 11, 2008


The Changing Blog

For those of you who have been with me for a while, you will know that this blog has changed in appearance several times.  Whilst most have been for the better, one or two parts of the design have not been.

Most of the parts that have not been ‘good’ are to do more with behind the scenes problems and don’t affect you as readers.  Apart from the little problem I had with firefox   😳 

The blog has had one or two updates this week which has resulted in registered users being wiped off the system – sorry guys!

As of today though, I have just gone ahead and placed my order for a custom design that does exactly what I want it to do.  I’ve been told that this should take a week or so to be completed (depending on how many times I change things) so stay tuned for a great looking blog coming soon!

The moral of this part?  If something isn’t sitting right with you – change it.  When something doesn’t work the way you want it to – put it right.  Stick to what you planned and deliver what you promised.

The Focus Blog

This blog has started to evolve more and more over the past few months.  Again, most of this has been for the good, BUT, I have begun to notice that I am not posting quite as much (this is because of new product launches EXCUSES) and this needs to change for the blog to continue to grow.

When I first started this blog it was to offer readers the chance to learn and grow as I did but also to offer some solid information to help you grow your own online marketing business.   This is what I aim to be bringing you more of over the coming months.

Why Would I Do This?

It’s not a huge secret that I am a marketer too.  My intentions are to offer you such great content on this blog that you will come to build a relationship with me as readers.  I intend to help you get your marketing career well and truly underway and in return you will continue to look forward to my products.

My relationship with readers is the most important part of my business.  Without you I do not have this part of my income – yes, I would still have other areas like Squidoo, affiliate marketing etc.  But to me, there is nothing more valuable – both in monetary and emotional terms than my readers. 

The more I help you succeed – the more you will help me succeed. 

I’m sure that this might be a little too honest for some readers but it’s something that I wont apologize for.  I know that some of you might well be bored stiff with listening to people harping on about how they just love to help and it’s in their blood to do so.  Then there are others who are way to savvy to fall for that anymore. 

WIIFM And How It Affects You

WIIFM is probably something that you have already heard online, if not is stands for What’s In It For Me?  This is what drives almost everything online.  It’s what makes us purchase something, makes us create something or help someone.

It can be as simple as helping someone out to let ourselves feel good and this can be a very powerful reason.  I spent a long time this morning going through my emails and sending some very detailed responses.  Most of the time I feel the ‘need’ to because they signed up for my coaching, but some of the time I get emails from people just asking for advice on the off chance.  I have no obligation to respond to these emails – apart from a politeness response – today though, I wanted to.

Why?  Because I felt good about myself for doing it.  The classic WIIFM. 

This blog is just a bigger version of WIIFM.  What will you do today based on WIIFM?

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One Response to “Changes & Focus = Better Blog For Readers”

  1. Marty Petrizza Says:

    I have been following you for awhile and have been very impressed with the way you have kept up with things. I think the biggest thing that you share with everyone is not to give up. This business takes some time to grow and can be discouraging. Your advice has been very sound and everyone just needs to apply it a little bit at a time every day.