An Introduction To Blogging Within Your Niche

December 13, 2007


Blogging is just like a website but without the problems of designing, developing, programming etc.  You certainly don’t have to be technically advanced to get started with a blog, almost anyone can do it.

If you loved using Squidoo, you are going to really love blogging your way to even more profits.  I have never made it a secret that although Squidoo is very profitable when done correctly, it is a stepping stone to more.

Blogging is great for beginners because of the ease in which you can set it up.  Blogging has really become popular now and even the most advanced marketers are using it to really capitalise on their earnings.

What you really need to do is understand that although anyone can create a blog, not that many will actually make money from them.  Why?  Because they make that fundamental mistake of creating a blog about themselves or about something that they love. 

Whilst there is nothing wrong with going down the lines above, the chances of you being able to get enough traffic to really monetize your blog are low.  Blogging doesn’t need to be about huge amounts of traffic it just needs to be about what people want. 

This is niche blogging.

Before you start, you need to have done your research well.  It’s nothing major and should only take you an hour or two to complete – but do it well as this is the foundation for your blog.

You can take the chapter in Squidoo Queen about researching a niche and use this for this part.  It’s basic marketing and will work for ANY marketing plan that you have. 

A niche blog is a blog that is solely about your niche, a tight subject that should not be deviated from.  A general blog is like this one, it covers a ‘market’ rather than a niche.  If I were to create a blog that was ONLY showing people how to blog then that would be a niche – I strongly recommend that you drill down further than this though to get your niche.

A blog that showed people only how to get traffic from free sources for their blog would be a niche blog.  A blog all about gadgets is a market blog but a blog that was only there for showing people about chinese jumping electronic rabbits is a niche blog.  I’m sure that you are getting the idea here.

One of the best things that I can suggest doing is to take your niche that has been profitable within Squidoo and go with that.  If you have done your homework correctly (your already profitable aren’t you?) then you are onto a winner and a blog within that niche is only going to strengthen your profits.

I’ve created a step by step plan to make sure that you are getting the most from your niche blogging – Even if you have never read Squidoo Queen.

Step One – Your Readers

Make sure that you know that your niche has a market to cater towards.  There is no point in starting a project that no one has an interest in.  Finding a niche that holds no profit is not the same as no market.  Blogging does not mean that you have to have a niche that is willing to part with cash for a product – there are lots of other ways to monetize your blog.  All you need to make sure of it that you have readers.

A Success Is Success Is Success

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that their blogs (or Squidoo lenses) need to be pulling in hundreds of dollars per day to be a success.  This is just plain old brainwashing from above.  The sales pages you see with the author pulling in thousands of dollars within minutes is not typical earnings.  Imagine that you have a blog or lens that is bringing you in $30 per week – this is easily achievable – can you not replicate what you have done 10 times?  That $30 has just become $300 per week.  Think small goals and increase them once you are there.

Step Two – Keeping It Tight

Creating a general blog is all well and good, you may think that you have more readers to go at.  In fact a general blog is harder to maintain – too many subjects to cover, too much scope to lose your readers within etc.

A niche blog that focuses on one subject and keeps all the content tight around that subject stands more chance of keeping the readers.  They have all the information that they need at their finger tips and will want to become immersed within it.

A tight niche blog has the option to cover a subject in depth and to add to it over time.  Blogs with great content that gives free, quality information is well worth reading and will keep the reader coming back for more.

Your content needs to be strongly related to the niche you are working within – this ensures that your readers will want to read everything you have to offer. 

Step Three – Content, Content And More Content

Niche blogs are fantastic for offering the reader exactly what they want to read, the key is to keep them wanting to read.  Content runs the internet these days and more and more people understand that without great quality content they wont get very far.

Content not only has to offer the reader something, it has to be of a certain quality.  No one wants to read something that sounds a little strange, unorganised or just plain old wrong.  If you don’t know enough about what you are writing the chances are that your readers will.  Never try and fool your readers.

Unique content is just, if not more, important than anything.  Google is really cracking down on duplicate copy.  Simply put, if it finds the same text more than once it will punish you for it.  They wont list you and you wont be able to get free traffic from them.  If you are going to be using PLR material to add content to your blog – spend the time changing it.  Never risk Googles wrath.

Step Four – Monetizing Your Blog

Whilst this step could go on for ever, there are just so many different ways to monetize your blog, I will just mention a few here.  In the future I will let you know about more ways to monetize them in greater detail.

  • Google Adsense – You just place the code within your blog and it will show up letting people know about other offers of the same kind.  Instead of hoping that they purchase something from the person, you are getting paid for each ‘click’.  This is great if you have a blog designed around high paying keywords.  Not so great if you are only getting a cent per click!
  • Ad Space.  This is a great option, to charge for people to advertise within your blog.  To be honest you can only command big bucks if you have a high traffic site.
  • Auction Ads.  This is the ‘new’ alternative to Google Adsense and really does seem to be taking off.  I’m testing it at the moment and seeing some really great results.

Each blog has a number of ways in which to monetize it, these are just a few of them.  Over the coming weeks and months I will be showing you more in depth how you can use each of them to get some really great results.

This is just the beginning of my tutorials on how to successfully blog within your niche or niche blogging.  I’ll be updating this each day for the whole of next week and it will be a completely free course that you can get started with straight away.

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18 Responses to “An Introduction To Blogging Within Your Niche”

  1. Jesse R. Cano Says:

    I have fear of the computer, but I have this desire to try some alternative income for myself
    but I don;t understand what blog means and how it works, before I can proceed need help
    thanks alot.
    be bless

  2. Kenneth Candee Says:

    Great book Kelly. I couldn’t put it down. I got it last night after taken my Interferon for cancer. I was able to read it completly through and am on my second reading. Everthing makes sence. I am doing the resurch that you ask me to do before making my own site to make money to live on. You see with the shots of Interferon I can’t keep a job because I get sick without a notice and have to take a day off or two.

  3. claire shaw Says:

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks Kelly. Can’t wait for more of the tutorials. Claire.

  4. Kelly Says:

    Thanks Claire … Just got your email and I have sent you a reply.

    Over the coming days I will be releasing many more of these tutorials that will really help you get your blogging going and more importantly … earning!


  5. robert Says:

    I would like to see some more info on finding a niche. Would it be beneficial to get squidooqueen?

  6. dominiche Diva Says:

    Squidoo Queen was the first thing I ever bought on the Internet, it will kick your earnings through the roof if you carry out the steps. Good luck with your campaigns.

  7. Kelly Says:

    Thanks C 🙂

    Robert I would strongly recommend getting your copy of Squidoo Queen, not only does it have one of the most comprehensive guides to finding a niche it shows you how you can be up and earning money fast.

    With that said, there will be a more detailed section on niche finding soon.



    are there any data entry programs that aren’t scams?

  9. Kelly Says:

    Hi Jesse

    A blog is just an easier form of building a website. Blogs started off being like personal journals and have evolved from there. This site that you are on now is a blog 🙂

    I didn’t design it, I don’t need to know any html or have any web design skills. I would say that you should go and have a look at and see how easy it is to set one up.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you need any further help.


  10. Kelly Says:

    Hi Michael, it’s not for me to say if they are ALL scams, but what I do know is that any legit ones are few and far between.

    If you are looking to start making money online the easy way, you wont go wrong with 🙂


  11. Keith Jones Says:

    I purchased a couple of ebooks on squidoo and Squidoo Queen is by far the best.


  12. Nelphat Says:

    I’d like to work with you so thst you help earn alot of cash through internet ,this will change my life forever.Thanks alot.

  13. Nelphat Says:

    I’d like to work with you so that you help earn alot of cash through internet ,this will change my life forever.Thanks alot.

  14. Nelphat Says:

    Thanks for accesing me to such a benefiting link and I promise to work with you.

  15. Fulu Says:

    OK, agreed .Can make or creat blog, How can i get that money( click)to my account or hand…..


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