7 Ways To Improve Your Blog Today

February 26, 2010


When it comes to improving your blog there are some very simple techniques that you should keep in mind.  Some can be implemented right now and others should be applied over a period of time – all of them have the same outcome – they will improve your blog and help you become a better blogger.

1.  Solve Readers Problems

Every popular blog helps their readers in some way and so should yours.  Having a huge blog that details your personal life, what you had for breakfast this morning or how your cat keeps scratching the furniture is all well and good but what does it give the reader?

A blog can be improved by simply aiming to help the reader first.  Did you know that most of the searches that take place in Google are questions?  This means that most people are searching for information and answers – if your blog isn’t giving them that there are plenty of others that will.

2.  Become The Reader

Put yourself in the shoes of your reader and think about #1 above and link them together.    You must remember that your readers are real people and your blog should reflect this.  Stop wasting time and efforts on ways to get your readers to buy things and make helping them your number one priority.

When you picture yourself as the reader and go through the complete process in your mind the sales process becomes much more effective and easier.  From the very first stage of working out why the reader is going to look for information you should be in their shoes.

3.  Be Professional

In order for your blog to become successful you should improve how you are perceived.  You can have a new blog that attracts and keeps readers if you do things right.  You need to be seen as an expert in your blogging field or why will anyone want to listen to what you are saying.  Making mistakes at the beginning is all part of the learning process but taking time to avoid some of the basic mistakes is worthwhile.

Being seen as a professional authority blogger is easy when you ensure that what you are saying is correct so make sure that you check everything twice.  It’s also vital to make sure that you keep updated with your niche – a good tip is to subscribe to Google Alerts for your niche and/or keywords.

4.  Track Everything

One of the very first things you should do when you start blogging is to install Google Analytics.  If you are using WordPress.org as your blogging platform you can get a great plugin that does this for you.  It’s important to check your stats from here regularly as it not only tells you how many people are visiting your blog but it gives you important information on how they got there, where they left, how long they were on the site etc.  All of this information will help you build a better blog.

5.  Learning What Doesn’t Work

Following on from #4, use your information to find out what posts you make are the most popular and which ones are not working so well.  If you find that some of your posts are not being read make sure that you have a good catchy title that draws readers in. 

Are you linking to your posts within other posts?  This is something that you should work on as good SEO practice anyway but can be very beneficial to getting your readers to continue reading your blog.  Improving on things that don’t work is important but learning from it is crucial for bloggers. 

6.  Who Are You Writing For?

Apart from the fact that you should be following rule #1 you should also be well aware of search engines.  This brings us to the age old debate on who comes first – your readers or search engines?  Personally I think that they go hand in hand and the people at the end of the search engine are your readers so they are one in the same.

You do need to follow some basic SEO when you are writing your posts but if you have done your research right at the beginning and are following rule #2 then there shouldn’t be an issue.  Think about what YOU would search for in order to solve the problem and take your keywords from there.  It goes without saying that you should follow the guidelines and not stuff your keywords into your articles and make it uncomfortable for your visitors to read.

7.  Focus

This is why there are so many abandoned blogs cluttering up the internet – people are not patient enough.  They expect results to follow them instantly and this is often not the case.  If you plan on building up an authority blog you need to understand that this takes time to achieve.

If you run from one product launch to the next in hopes that it will make you more money you are only going to dilute your main aim.  Blogging can be very rewarding but it takes focus and patience to get there.  Keep on track and do not sway from your original plan.

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5 Responses to “7 Ways To Improve Your Blog Today”

  1. Just Plain Bill Says:

    Many Thanks . . . Excellent piece of work!

    Just Plain Bill

  2. Naj Says:

    Gotta agree with Bill. Great advice, now all we got to do is follow it!


    • Kelly Says:

      Hi Naj

      Good to see you again. I know that you can follow the advice – You have done it before which means that you can do it again!


  3. Freddie Macall Says:

    Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Firefox. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon. Cheers