3 Stupid Things Bloggers Do With Their Blogs Then Cry About

January 24, 2011


Bloggers everywhere are packing up and leaving their blogs dead in the water.  Normally the owner will claim shortly after that there was ‘no money to be made’ or that they have ‘other commitments’.  Either way, long forgotten blogs lay around in the bloggers graveyard collecting cyber dust.

Other bloggers continue to march forwards without making much headway and wondering why their blogging dreams have yet to come true.  On closer inspection it’s clear to see that many of them are commiting some of the most common mistakes that bloggers do (myself included!) – they are making stupid blogging mistakes that are simple to fix when you know what they are.

Mistake #1:  Thinking That Content Is Everything

Many bloggers spend hours trying to write that perfect post.  Each word and sentance is painstakingly crafted and the delete key is starting to look worn.  Writing pillar articles that will stand the test of time is becoming an unhealthy obsession for many bloggers, yet some of them will come to see that their efforts can be put to better use elsewhere, others though will continue to slave away.

Whilst it is true that your content needs to be good quality, your writing means nothing if there is no one there to read it!

Once bloggers realise that  more is needed from them to create a great blog, other than their version of War & Peace, they can decide if the whole blogging concept is sounding more like hard work or something that they need to plan better.

Remember, you could have created something spectacular that has the potential to be a major payday for you but without readers no one knows.

Mistake #2:  Catching Social Media Mania

When something works as well as social media does its easy to suddenly find yourself devoting more and more time to it.  It’s not uncommon these days to hear of people getting sidetracked by all the ‘noise’ that goes with Facebook and Twitter etc.

The problem is that when bloggers start to devote more time and energy at social marketing, something else is normally suffering.  One thing that people start to believe is that social marketing carried more weight than some of the most basic marketing techniques out there.

Basic SEO is normally the main casualty – Getting Google to rank your site well is mainly down to solid, basic SEO and ignoring backlinks etc is done at your own peril.

Mistake #3:  Losing Your Sense Of Direction

Most of us who suffer from a not having a great sense of direction find ourselves lost every now and then and the same goes for bloggers who have very little direction (or none at all).  They really just end up going around in circles and never really making any headway.

When you start a blog it’s vital to know what your blog is about and where you want to go with it.  Do you want to use it to drive traffic to your products/services or is it your main business website? Is your aim to build a list of subscribers or become an authority on your chosen subject?

Understanding what your blog is about and knowing how you are going to achieve your goals is key to making your blog a success.  Plan your goals and then work your plan.

It’s easy to lose sight of what you were aiming for but when you have clear plans in place and understand what it takes to reach your goals, the rest is easy.

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12 Responses to “3 Stupid Things Bloggers Do With Their Blogs Then Cry About”

  1. Joe Young mlm expert interviews Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Cannot say it any more perfectly than how you spelled it out here. If we use content, social media, and our plan together, we can have good success in time. I have hit these same pitfalls as you made mention of, specially the no real plan! I just talked about that at my blog, start with a plan first, then implement the blog around your plan, and stick with it. Avoid internet marketing noise. I still have adjustments to make, but at least I see them now, and can create a better end result for myself and my readers.

    Why have a blog if no one reads it, and there is nothing to read?

    Excellent post, thanks,
    Joe Young

    • Kelly Says:

      Exactly Joe 🙂

      The noise is one of the biggest problems I have at the moment! There is always something there to grab your attention – time to block it out.

  2. Jenna Says:

    Kelly this really is helpful to me. You always seem to come along at the right moment and come out with something that rings true. I had managed to build up an account with more than 20 domain names that I was doing NOTHING with. Instead of getting all flustered about it, I have just set 15 of them to delete, the other 7 are now in my plan of action for the next few months!

    Thanks, Jenna x

    • Kelly Says:

      Glad I could help Jenna.

      Like you, last year I spent ages sorting my domain names out and really cut back – at one point I had almost 300 domain names on the go.

      Good luck with the plan.

  3. Tiff Says:

    Gotta give it to ya Kelly.

    Always love getting a good kick up the backside when needed adn this post just did it!I’m always getting side tracked and not keeping to what I should be doing.


  4. John Says:

    Love it!

    You know me. Im one of the best for tryingto cut corners and then crying about it after.
    When I stop thinking that there must be an easier way and start listening to the advice that you give me, things start to happen but being impatient is a MAJOR flaw for me.

    Back to the drawing board and time to map out my 2011 goals and plan.


  5. Andrew - DUBturbo Says:

    While it is true that consistently producing content is important, sliding in a few Pillar articles will prove advantageous in the long-term, especially once your blog starts attracting more readers. Those longer time-tested articles will likely be stickier than most of the other blog posts.

    I think Social Media can be addictive, and a big time suck for a lot of bloggers. It is another tool, but not the only one.

    – Andrew

  6. Christina Sponias Says:

    Very interesting article. I have a purpose and knowledge, but even though my blog gets new subscribers daily, it’s so hard to get a lot of traffic. I have no time for so many promotions… However, I agree with you; they are indispensable.


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