Setting Up Your Niche Site The Easy Way

August 29, 2009


When it comes to taking your Amazon niche to the next level you need to decide where you are going to take it.  (Read the post about Making Money With Amazon to help you.)  Unless you are going with the Squidoo Modules you are going to think about how to set your site up.  I highly recommend using WordPress as your platform for building a good site, not only does it remove the need to learn and understand how to build websites using html or php, it lets you set up a site in no time at all.

Although it is not totally free to build a site using WordPress it is a drop in the ocean compared to having a site built for you in the ‘conventional’ way.  In order to set up your niche site using wordpress you will need your own domain name and a hosting account.

If you are serious about your online business then I should imagine that you already have these, if not then I only recommend Hostgator for your hosting and Godaddy or Namecheap for your domain names.  If you already have a hosting account with someone else check that they support WordPress, as I use Hostgator myself I can only talk about how simple and easy it is to set up your blog with them.  For those that know me, you will know how bad I am with all things technical so it must be simple if I can do it!

Yesterday I spent around three hours answering all the questions that I got through the support desk on this – there were more than 30 questions on where to go from here and would I be posting more tutorials that went into detail on how I do this.  After I answered the first two emails I realised that it was going to get to the stage where I just will not be able to help everyone on an individual basis.  It also has a very good chance that there are a lot more than just the 30 or so people who emailed following this series of posts.

Today I want to offer those who are serious about following along a complete step by step video course on how to install and set up your WordPress blog ready to get started.  This is where those of you who are not technically minded (like me) could feel a little out of their depth – this video course takes all that away and gives you such easy to follow instructions that you’ll be producing sites in no time at all.

WordPress Video Series

(*UPDATED* These are new WordPress Videos that are updated and amazingly great value!)

You’ll notice that it might look like a sales page but it is ONLY for the readers of these blog posts, so please do not share this page with anyone else as they will all be getting a $50 set of videos for just $7!  That page will be pulled down over the next few days so make sure that you get your copy if you need help with this section.

It’s at this stage that those of you who are ‘tinkering’ with the idea of making money online will have to sit down and think about where you want to be.  I have said this often before, but using platforms such as Squidoo and other free sites will only get you so far.  In the end you need to start looking for more permanent incomes that you are in control of.  At the end of the day, Squidoo is someone else’s site and they make the rules which you must abide by.  Your own sites are something that you build for yourself and control, the work you put into it is for yourself – free sites, the work you put in is only partly for yourself, the other part is for the site owner.

Let’s look at the costs involved with building your own blog.  You have the hosting costs and that will cost you less than $8 per month and you can host unlimited sites.  I have the resellers account and I am happy to pay around $25 per month.  You also have the domain name which just $0.89 at the moment for a .info domain!  So for much less than $10 you can start to build your business!

WordPress Video Series – UPDATED!

 Before you buy your domain name though I strongly recommend that you wait for the next instalment of these posts as we’ll be looking at what kind of domain names are the best.

Even if you are not following along with this course, the video series is amazing value and well worth getting, but please remember not to share the link with anyone else as it’s only for readers of this blog.

Look out for the next part!

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8 Responses to “Setting Up Your Niche Site The Easy Way”

  1. Grant Says:

    Hi, Can you tell me what wp software you use to create on your squeeze page.


  2. Kelly Says:

    Hi Grant. It’s is not built on WordPress it’s a basic template page. There are a few things out there now that can turn a wp blog into a sales page or squeeze page.

    1. WP Sales Page Theme

    2. WP Sales Pages

    These are two that I have used myself with great success.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Grant Says:

    Hi Kelly

    Thanks for your help.


  4. Max Salt Lake Carpet Cleaning Says:

    This goes right along with my theory on if you build it you should own it. building income properties on sites you do not own is nuts. I even have trouble linking to sites I do not own. When I am building links I want them to go to my properties.

    WordPress is the Real Deal. I have built sites with a couple of different programs and WordPress has gotten so much better and simpler in the last year it is amazing. I love WordPress.
    .-= Max Salt Lake Carpet Cleaning´s last blog ..Rental Machine Carpet Cleaning =-.


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