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August 27, 2009


If you read the post yesterday about Using Amazon To Make Money then today’s post is going to be much more relevant.  Once that post was made my inbox quickly went mad with people asking me for more details about ‘how’ to make money with Amazon.  It seems that most people know about the affiliate program that Amazon have and some have used it in their Squidoo lenses but no one sent me any emails saying that they were making money with it.

There are so many ways that people can make money with Amazon that it would be crazy to try and list them all so today I am going to talk about the three main ways that I use Amazon myself.  I’d like to hear about any other ways that you have been using it yourself.  The three ways listed below are not in any order …..

  1. Amazon Module for Squidoo Lenses
  2. Product  Review sites with Amazon Products
  3. Content Site with Amazon Products

Making Money With Amazon Modules On Squidoo

The first one is simple enough and there is a great lens already out there that will give you all the information you’ll need on it – it’s called Amazon Links and everyone should read it.  Keep in mind that the best results will be seen with a very well presented lens that holds value to the reader.  If you think that you can build a lens that screams “Buy Me Buy Me” and make sales from it – it just wont work.

Build a lens that contains good well written content about ONE product.  Think about what the reader needs through the buying process.  Are they looking to research the product, compare where they can find the best prices or are they ready to buy – this is shown in what they are searching for and this should be what your lens keywords are based around.  (Think about this part very carefully.)

You could build a lens around a computer game that is popular and offer the reader tips and advice on getting it or review the game in an honest way.  Watch out over the coming few days for more tips and advice on writing reviews.

Making Money With Amazon And Review Sites

A review site should not be thought of as a purely a selling tool – it needs to be thought of as something that will help the reader out before they purchase.  If that sentence sounds strange to you then you probably need to give it some real thought!  Sorry to sound harsh.

When you are thinking of making money with a review site content needs to rule your thoughts.  Without it you have a spammy looking site that will do nothing for you.  Lets take a look at yesterdays Amazon post again, when looking at the bestsellers list, you might find that you can see lots of the same thing.  In the shoe bestsellers for instance you might find the same kind of boot in three colours etc.  Or the top three TV’s or the top 3 Wii games.  These are what you can build your Amazon review site with.

These do take a little more time and effort than a Squidoo lens but the rewards far outweigh the benefits.  There is a LOT of money to be made in this area for sites like this that are promoted. 

Making Money With Content Sites And Amazon Products

These really are well worth looking at as they offer you an amazing chance at making some serious money once you build up a following.  Think about the long term with a site like this, not only are you building a site based on content that readers will want and need, you also have the option of adding in an extra income from Amazon.  Then you also have another option of selling the site further down the line.

A content site should be based on helping the readers (nothing new here) so think about sites that are about something that people will be searching for.  One of the best sites I have in this area is about yeast infections and it consistently brings me in an Amazon income from a few posts dotted in their about products that the readers can buy from Amazon. 

You can build these sites much more easily than you think, especially those who are less technically minded (like me!) by using wordpress.  You can easily get a site up and running in no time at all when you use a wordpress blog. 

Well worth thinking about if you are not already doing it.  Watch out over the coming days for more posts on how to maximize profits from the Amazon affiliate program using the methods shown above.

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