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August 30, 2009


We’ve already covered a few points over the last few days on how to make money using Amazon.  I wanted to just point out that although we are looking at Amazon in particular you can use any other affiliate program just as successfully.  If you have been following along with these posts, we’re about to move onto the next stage of buying a domain name and setting the site up on it, so if you are still undecided about yesterdays post I strongly recommend that you go back over and read it again – Setting Up A Niche Site.

When you are looking through and researching your niche, take a look in Google to see what the top sites are for your keywords.  When you are looking at smaller niche markets you will normally find that the site ranking within the top three places has a keyword rich domain name.

This is what you should be thinking about when you are doing your niche site research.  Once you find your niche you need a good keyword rich domain name that is going to get searched for but is not stupidly long.  For example buying a domain name like “” is taking it too far but something like “” is ok.  It has the main keywords in and is going to be a nice tight niche or micro niche for you to work with. 

Shockingly, just last week I heard one of the big boys saying that micro niche’s were a complete waste of time and not enough searches to make them worthwhile.  Let’s be honest, if a site makes just $10 per week (which is very easily achievable) then 10 of those sites is an extra $400 per month.  Once you see how simple it is to put these sites together it doesn’t take many to add up to a real sustainable income.  Not all sites will make low incomes, some will be a goldmine waiting to explode!

You do need to think about this though, picking something very obscure that makes very few sales is going to do you no favours.  This is why I told you to follow what I mentioned in the Using Amazon To Make Sales post – the bestsellers list is a great indication on what is selling already. 

I also want to point out that I mentioned a little run in I had with trademark infringement along the way.  Be careful if you are thinking of putting a brand name in the domain name.  I actually registered a domain name with a trademarked name in it.  The site was one of those goldmines and took off – within six weeks I had letters arriving from solicitors telling me that I had to take down the site and hand over the domain name.  I tried speaking to the lawyers firm and explained that I was actually selling their product and making them a lot of money in the process.  It didn’t seem to matter and they sent me very official letters demanding that the site come down.  Needless to say, I lost the site and domain name and that very good income stream.  So go careful – understand that you can get away with it on certain names and others act hard and fast to protect their brand – you have been warned!

A good keyword rich domain name will bring you higher search placements so it is worth giving it some thought.  Try to stick to three words or less and keep your site tight around that keyword.  You might have the temptation to go for the larger market (even though it’s a niche) and you can easily faze yourself when you see the size of the site you would have to build.  Think small in the short term and grow from there.

Watch for the next tutorial where we’ll look at getting started on the site!

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